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Jonathan Knott

Jonathan Knott, Host of The Grapevine's Tracking History column, also writes reviews and features. As Associate Editor, he reads material submitted to The Grapevine by other contributing writers and by prospective writers. He participates in selection and editing of new pieces. Many of the photographs on the site were taken by Jonathan. He is a college student with multiple credits in history, biology, psychology, film, and creative writing.

Jonathan has spent much of his adult life studying and writing about history, in college classes and on assignments for The Grapevine, the most recent of which was a trip to the Naval Museum in Columbus, Georgia. In December 2015 he went to Dublin, Ireland’s UNESCO city of literature, for a writers’ conference and long looks at the historically vibrant landscape. He is preparing a Dublin Diary feature for the next issue of The Grapevine.

Jonathan recently graduated from Georgia Film School and is currently enrolled in Warner Herzog’s Film Master Class online.

He has also dabbled in sports journalism, though he says the work-in-progress state of Atlanta teams has discouraged that pursuit.

Jonathan’s study partners are, he says, distant descendants of wolves that lie on his couch and accept donations of snacks and tummy rubs in exchange for their opinions on ancient battle tactics and the origins of line-sight editing.

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