The Grapevine Art & Soul Salon: Presentations

Barbara Knott: Soul in the Workplace

The absence of soul in the workplace is a chronic complaint by people who care whether a visit to a doctor's office (it's difficult even to say visit to a doctor, given the rush of processing patients that afflicts the medical profession these days, where attention paid to the person often amounts to a busily mouthed Ya, Ya, Ya, while handing out a bag of sample products expected to effect a cure). Barbara Knott (that would be me) has written two riffs on offices she loves, where people are happily at work in their very different but cosmetically connected professions. I am talking about teeth and hair. Don't mix them up.


Sex and Death and Beetles

Charles Knott: Abaissement

Abaissement on the Blacktop

Sandy Mason: Darkness

Seeing Into Darkness

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