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Ravi Kumar

WorldVoices: Ravi Kumar, Host

In Ravi Kumar's absence on a trip to India, we offer some random interesting articles from November news reports around the world:

NOTE: The articles that were available at the following links are no longer there, but the headlines are interesting by themselves.BK

Buddha Boy in Nepal Re-emerges After a Year

Panda in China Zoo Bites Student Who Wanted a Hug

Malaysia Islamic Body Bans Yoga for Muslims

Musical at Iowa College Acts Out Scary Bible Tales

Child Sex Abuse Claims Divide Orthodox Community

Jewish Group Wants Mormons to Stop Proxy Baptisms

Maryland Mall Quiets Salvation Army Bells

Monks Brawl at Christian Holy Site in Jerusalem

Ten Taliban Arrested in Schoolgirl Acid Attack

Silver-haired Shoplifters on the Rise in Japan

Worker Killed in Wal-mart Stampede

Eight Muslims Arrested for Damaging Statue of White Storks

Vatican Forgives John Lennon for Jesus Remark

Nepal Buddha Boy Returns to Jungle

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