The Grapevine Art & Soul Salon


by Nancy Law

Leonard Cohen, Youíre My Man!

The Fox Theater pit,
three rows from the stage,
sitting slightly left of the microphone,
I wait for his arrival.
I squirm, stand up, sit down,
drink coffee, join in conversation
with the couple behind me,
admire the starry night sky
on the Fox ceiling
take pictures of stage hands checking equipment,
tuning guitars, strategically placing glasses of water,
share memories with my sister.
backup singers and musicians walk on stage.
Then my lover comes on.
With 4600 other fans, my affair begins,
but I know I am the only one.
Seems so long ago, Nancy.
Thatís a song he wrote about a sad life, and now
he must be looking for me.
I become the microphone he caresses.
Every song selection, every gesture:
smile, bow, tip of the hat,
kneeling to the floor, and thank you
is meant for pleasure.
When it is time to leave, he says
he hopes I am satisfied.
I am. Best concert Iíve ever had.
I want one.
I want a Leonard Cohen for home
and not just for his song.
Where can I get one?
Online catalog? E-bay?
Can you tell me, L. Cohen?
Sincerely, N. Law

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