The Grapevine Art & Soul Salon: Remembering Ann McKain

Welcome to the chamber of our salon where we will post remembrances of Ann McKain during this season that marks a year since her memorial service.

LORRIE HALLMAN: For Ann McKain, one year after her death

I assumed that, with time, I would miss her less. Foolish, I know. Time has just enlarged the space where she used to be. All the events and changes and bumps of my life call out for her dependable loving response. The silence becomes more deafening. Yes, I can imagine, I can guess and I can dream, but the feel of her particular energy is gone. She cannot be replaced, my oldest friend on earth. She loved me wholeheartedly, always taking joy in my happiness. Hers were the arms I sought when the world was too much, her lap a haven of safety and comfort. I miss her physical being, her hand strong in mine, her warm and level eyes, her lyrical voice, her laughter. I miss her confidence and her loyalty. I didnít know how much I needed her, depended on her. But I believe she knew. She was like that. And now I know, too. And am forever blessed she loved me.

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