The Grapevine Art & Soul Salon

Presentations:Anne Lovett


Making Love to Ancient Music

The bed is old, like us.
They creak and groan
these postwar, prewar springs of 1939.
I think of Lionel Thompson.
A nightspring, a dayspring.
A hound outside bangs the door.
You leap like a hare in grass.
It's only the hound, I say
and you are sure it is the hound of heaven.
When all is quiet we hear the
humming of our bodies
of a seventeenth-century canon.
But there is still the hound
snuffling down the days and down the years.

Making Love to the Soundtrack from "Victory at Sea"

By firelight, possessed of hope and lust
we try to build a ship
using scraps and broken beams
of old affection.
We rivet decks
and erect masts
to outflank that old enemy, time:
For a space out of time
it rises proud, majestic,
conquering the wide waters:
It fires its guns.
The boat rocks, leaps,
waves slap its sides.
then with one silent shudder
it slips beneath the sea.

Copyright 2014, Barbara Knott. All Rights Reserved.